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HCPA Individual Assessment, Report & MINT Health Coaching Specialist Feedback & Coaching Session.

Clinical studies find that receiving an objective evaluation of a health coach's skill in best practice health coaching (via a standardized, validated tool) combined with expert feedback, is key for building motivational interviewing health coaching proficiency. Like any complex skill, such as playing golf, or learning a musical instrument or new language, feedback and coaching are essential to progress and proficiency.

The HCPA is a coding system that was developed by a HealthSciences Institute research team of specialists in MI and evidence-based health coaching. The HCPA was specifically designed to assess health coaching proficiency and provide objective ratings of coach skill in best practice health coaching. The HCPA provides detailed feedback in a written report, as well as a summary of strengths and opportunities for improvement. It also measures "change talk" which recent clinical studies show to be one of the strongest predictors of patient-level outcomes.The HCPA is based on the MITI, but has been independently validated by on of the top external health care services researcher (Dr. Ariel Linden).

If you're new to "coding," or evaluating health coaching samples requires expert proficiency in MI, as well as special training and years of experience using a validated assessment system and tool such as the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) or the Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA). Each member of the HealthSciences Institute Coding Team meets the following qualifications:

• MINT-trained professional, specializing in MI-based health coaching

• Motivational Training Integrity (MITI) Coding System trained and experienced

• Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA) certified

To obtain an HCPA report and a personal feedback and coaching session with your evaluator:

Step 1.) Select and purchase this service;

Step 2.) Submit a health coaching audio recording (mp3 or wav format) of a session, at least eight minutes in duration, with a patient (sample must be patient de-identified, with no protected health information) or a friend or colleague. A secure link for uploading your audio file will be sent to you upon completion of your order. This should NOT be a role-play, but a real health coaching session focused on a disease self-care, adherence or lifestyle management topic issue, e.g., weight loss, physical activity;

Step 3.) Your sample is evaluated by a MINT, HCPA certified health coaching expert;

Step 4.) Within two weeks, you receive a confidential five-page HCPA report;

Step 5.) You schedule a 30-minute personal feedback and coaching session with the evaluator to review your session, your skills and steps that you can take to improve proficiency.

If you are pursuing the Registered Health Coach Credential, and have completed all requisite training requirements. your evaluator will determine if you meet the minimum proficiency level for that Registered Health Coach level. Please specify which level you are pursuing (Registered Health Coach I, II, or III) when you purchase this service as applicable.

Upon completion of training requirements and demonstration of proficiency, your Registered Health Coach Certificate will be provided and you will be listed in the National Health Coach Registry. There is no additional cost for this recognition at this time. If you do not meet the minimum proficiency level, your coach will recommend additional self-study, learning activities, practice or HCPA reports and/or coaching with one of our staff, or another MINT professional of your choosing.

Price: $250.00