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Registered Health Coach (RHC-I) All-Inclusive

The RHC-I credential requires completion of the 1.) CCP Health Coach Program and 2.). The RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive. In addition, candidates must demonstrate the minimum required level of proficiency as determined through submission of a health coaching work sample that is evaluated via the independently validated Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA)--which is included in the RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive tuition fee. Alternatively, the training requirements can be met via completion of the two-day MI health coaching workshop, the MI Health Coaching Webinar Skill-Building Session, along with an HCPA report and MINT health care specialist feedback session. Candidates may purchase the CCP and MI Health Coaching workshop separately, or save $500 by pursuing RHC via the RHC All-Inclusive Option.  

Price: $2495.00