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Chronic Care Professional Learning & Certification

CCP includes the definitive manual for health coaching across the care continuum—with medical care guidelines and shared decision-making tools for 30 chronic conditions. Each module is accompanied by interactive online learning activities to build new skills in four core competencies:

1.) Population Health Improvement

2.) Chronic Conditions

3.) Lifestyle Management

4.) Health Coaching

Health coaching scripts, audio and video samples help the learner practice MI communication skills, spot MI consistent (MIC) and MI Inconsistent (MIIN) approaches, change closed to open assessment questions, among other topics. The 2012 Miller and Rollnick's health coaching framework is used as a step-by-step health coaching guide (MI remains the only validated approach to health coaching, linked with better patient outcomes in 300+ clinical trials). In CCP, participants can tailor their learning experience by choosing expert presentations aligned with their role on the team and interests—each delivered by an expert faculty contributor—from Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, among others. 

Price: $1395.00